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KJVKing James Version
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It also does justice to the post-Elizabethan England from which it emerged, recognising that it would be difficult today to gather fifty scholars with the range of languages and disciplines that marked the KJV translators.
He was taking his stand as a friend of literature, grateful to organized Christianity for giving him the KJV and prepared to defend its virtues against any inferior replacement.
Together, we co-leaders of the KJV chose its material, wrote the arrangements, and even composed a few quasi-sacred pieces.
The last word of the preceding book, Deuteronomy, is "journeys"; if we consider the KJV to be a single text, the length of the J-lipogram is actually 58043.
The cutting was performed onsite together with tool vendor KJV and NTI CADcenter on the shop's CNC machine.
I abandoned the KJV thirty years ago in seminary, when I learned that important manuscripts were discovered well after the KJV and that newer English translations were more "accurate.
Resting heavily on William Tyndale's translation, the KJV was the dominant English version of the Bible for more than three centuries.
So opponents of capital punishment who argue that the Bible prohibits all killing are misinformed, as are conscientious objectors to military service who base their position on the KJV.
The KJV Study Bible" is a study guide for the most famous English translation of the bible, The King James Version.
I enjoyed reading the beloved Shepherd Psalm in both literal translation, and in paraphrase from the Greek as I enjoy reading those comforting words in KJV, NIV, and any other version or translation I habitually read.
Van Liew--with experience in acquisition, conceptual design, engineering, development, finance, construction and property management under his belt --founded KJV with no out-of-pocket cash.