KKECommunist Party of Greece
KKEKozo Keikaku Engineering Inc. (Japan)
KKEKommounistiko Komma Elladas (Greek communist party)
KKEK.K. Electronics India (India)
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SYRI -- ND -- RIVE -- GD -- KKE -- Pasok -- IG -- MDS
These KKE leaders were in touch with the Yugoslav Communist leader Josip Broz Tito, who strongly disagreed with ELAS" cooperation with the Western Allies.
On Friday, locals and KKE party members took to the streets of Perama to condemn the violence.
The new central committee has elected Dimitris Koutsoumbas as general secretary of the KKE committee," the party said in a statement.
The KKE called for boosting efforts and struggle to confront any Greek involvement in imperialistic wars.
KKE has built a successful business serving the telecommunications and manufacturing industries by leveraging cutting-edge technologies of computers and application development ideas that originated in construction industry.
The rapid process was possible because KKE had previously designed and built two similar buildings in the area, Rogers High School and Zimmerman Elementary School.
Design for our aging population is a specialized field and KKE has been in the forefront of innovative design for the elderly throughout its 35-year history.
The KKE 1700 checkweighing machinery strengthens the acquisition by offering comprehensive documentation of the production batches, optimal pharmaceutical security, and a high degree of productivity.
Only the Communist Party, KKE, wants to leave the eurozone, but would the other parties call for a 'no vote' in the referendum?
The parent group of the Bournville chocolate manufacturer is understood to have rejected an offer from a private equity consortium comprising Blackstone, KKE and Lion Capital.
KKE serves Japanese professionals from a variety of trades such as electronics, automotive, heavy industries, aerospace, machinery, and consumer products.