KKIKennedy Krieger Institute (Baltimore, MD)
KKIKrakowski Komercyjny Internet (virus)
KKIKeluarga Katolik Indonesia (Indonesian: Indonesian Catholic Community; various locations)
KKIKörfuknattleikssamband Íslands (Icelandic Basketball Association)
KKIKomunitas Konservasi Indonesia (Indonesian: Indonesian Conservation Community)
KKIKhanani & Kalia International (Pakistan)
KKIKlein Karoo International (ostrich products; South Africa)
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KKI, which was formed in 1967 as Introl Ltd, is owned by Japanese firm, Nihon KOSO Co Ltd and specialises in the manufacture, supply and export of standard service control valves, control valves for use in severe conditions of extreme heat or cold, high technology choke valves for surface and subsea and high performance rotary valves for the oil and gas, petrochemical and power industries.
Galima nurodyti platu spektra KKI skatinimo priemoniu, kuriu paskirtis yra stiprinti jungtis tarp siu industriju ir platesnes ekonomikos.
In conducting its study, the Grimes court observed, KKI was necessarily subject to conflicting self-interest, even if not of a material economic nature.
The trial courts had granted KKI summary judgment because they concluded that even if KKI had done everything the plaintiffs alleged, it had violated no legal duty.
KKI provides a wide range of services to over 12,000 children each year with developmental concerns from mild to severe.
Two of the mothers of children enrolled in the study filed lawsuits of negligence against KKI on behalf of their children, alleging that the investigators did not fully inform them of the risks and hazards involved in the study, (93) and that they were not warned in a timely fashion when elevated levels of lead dust in their homes were measured (94)--information that they claimed (and the courts agreed) would have affected their willingness to have their children continue in the study.
At KKI, Lynn manages more than 80 people and is responsible for the execution of orders from sales right through to shipment to the customer, including purchasing, planning, projects and manufacturing.
Debates over the ethics of the KKI study have focused rightly on what level of risk is appropriate in nontherapeutic research involving children and the nature and extent of informed consent in research involving vulnerable populations, in this case, low-income African-American families living in the inner city (Bellinger and Dietrich 2002; Needleman 2002; Nelson 2002; Pinder 2002).
Through its commitment to sharing its acquired wealth of knowledge in the field of disabilities, KKI has enjoyed an informal affiliation with the Atlanta-based Marcus Institute since its inception in 1992.
Dmitri Menchikov visited KKI office in order to evaluate foreign exchange market in Pakistan.
Hugo Moser, director of Neurogenetics at KKI, involved 3,000 patients and 1,400 families, whose members had been "mapped" to identify potential ALD carriers and compare similarities and differences.