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KKLKernkraftwerk Leibstadt (German: Leibstadt Nuclear Power Plant)
KKLKampala Kids League (Uganda)
KKLKeren Kayemeth Le'Israel (Israeli organization)
KKLKraft, Kennedy & Lesser, Inc. (technological consulting firm; New York, NY)
KKLKristelig Kringkastingslag (Norwegian organization for Christian Broadcasting)
KKLKustom Kulture Lounge (online forum)
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Khanna D, Chong KKL, Afifiyan NF, Hwang CJ, Lee DK, Garneau HC, Goldberg RA, Darwin CH, Smith TJ, Douglas RS.
KKL is focusing GoCycle marketing in Europe, to be followed by the United States in approximately 12 to 18 months.
This study collected the data from KKL to estimate the values of the parameters in the model and obtained the optimized solution.
A KKL spokesman said: "The funds we raise will go to build a reservoir for all the people in the region regardless of their religion.
If you are travelling by plane, the last stage of your journey will inevitably be by train from Basel or Zurich, and the monumental central station is situated immediately by the KKL on the lake, mere minutes on foot from the main hotels.
28) KKL = Jewish national Fund (JNF), established in 1901.
The KKL, alongside the Ministry of Interior, initiated a preparation plan for forest and forest plantation in 1995.
Since the impact of Seasonal Affective Disorder on sufferers becomes more pronounced as the number of hours of daylight decreases (equivalently, as the number of hours of night increases), our measure of SAD is based on the number of hours between sunset and sunrise in the fall and winter in a particular location, as in KKL.
KKL Kangaroo Lines (KKL) was an Australian shipping company.
The Penthouse Bar and the Sea Bar at KKL are both good places for a quiet late night drink.