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KKLKernkraftwerk Leibstadt (German: Leibstadt Nuclear Power Plant)
KKLKampala Kids League (Uganda)
KKLKeren Kayemeth Le'Israel (Israeli organization)
KKLKraft, Kennedy & Lesser, Inc. (technological consulting firm; New York, NY)
KKLKristelig Kringkastingslag (Norwegian organization for Christian Broadcasting)
KKLKustom Kulture Lounge (online forum)
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KKL is focusing GoCycle marketing in Europe, to be followed by the United States in approximately 12 to 18 months.
This study collected the data from KKL to estimate the values of the parameters in the model and obtained the optimized solution.
A KKL spokesman said: "The funds we raise will go to build a reservoir for all the people in the region regardless of their religion.
Report of the Authority for Settling Arab Refugees," 1 August 1950, CZA, file KKL 5/18875.
In the far flank of the KKL looking east over the lake is an elegant cafe, the Seebar, at piazza level and runs of enclosed corridors above, giving access to the Concert Hall behind.
Meanwhile, KKL and EZON Watch respectively released the limited-edition commemorative liquor and watch for Xiamen Marathon and runners can take a photo with the timer car BMW I3 at the BMW stand.
The awards, regarded as the 'Oscars of the Swiss IT Industry', are the only one of its kind in Switzerland and they take place on November 7th at the KKL in Lucerne.
Specifically, the examples of the second usurpation of Palestinian land via the "private" vehicles ofAa the World Zionist Fund and the KKL, show how hiding the state undermines and puts the final nails in the coffin of the two state "solution" that Israel is supposedly pursuing in an effort to preserve its "Jewish" character.
Tribschen, Wagner's home between 1866 and 1872 (left), the lake side KKL concert hall (right) and the old town of Lucerne itself with its trademark covered-wooden bridges (main picture)