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KKMCKing Khalid Military City (Saudi Arabia)
KKMCKampong Kapor Methodist Church (Singapore)
KKMCKrimson Kross Motorcycle Club (Philippines)
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The debate continued as SIPI briefed its workforce at KKMC on the new requirement for them to continue to perform in the event of hostilities and continued to increase its TAMP operations.
presence at KKMC consisted of 80 SIPI employees and a 15-member technical assistance field team (TAFT) from the Army.
KKMC quickly evolved into what the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Defense and Aviation had envisioned--a vast logistics base from which to defend Saudi Arabia.
Real esters, shop house, KKMC, PT office building and apartment (Tentative) development and management b.
When completed, the KKMC will be the region s tertiary referral medical academic sciences center housing a 1,500-bed hospital, research and conference centers, staff accommodations and an administration office building.
Mohammed Adeeb Sager, Executive Director of the KKMC project said, The King Khalid Medical City Project Management Office is honored by this project being recognized with this coveted award that stands for excellence.