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KKNKorupsi, Kolusi, Nepotisme (Indonesian: Corruption, Collusion, Nepotism)
KKNKirkenes, Norway - Hoeyburtmoen (Airport Code)
KKNKey Knowledge Needs
KKNKids Korner News (TV show)
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Therefore, the study could give an information for farmers in KKN intercropping pattern and could improve their income.
Foreign investors in Indonesia may yet come to feel the same way about the KKN.
The international community increasingly criticized the more blatant KKN, the claims that Asian values were unique or special, and the continued absence of transparency in politics and economics.
Against a backdrop of passionate shouts from other student protesters, demanding Wahid's resignation, Taufik said during an interview that Wahid is similar to Suharto because he also ''practices KKN and makes undemocratic policies.
com in an advisory role," stated Sarina Simon, president and chief executive officer of KKN.
The poll revealed that the two main concerns shared by the people are the issues of KKN and the economy.
These distortions have mainly occurred due to political instability, to the lack of security, to the perception that the Government is still fraught with KKN (corrupt, collusive, and nepotistic) practices, and to the Government's lack of transparency in selling the assets controlled by BPPN (the Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency), in handling cases of BLBI (Bank Indonesia Liquidity Credit), in handling private debts, and in handling other issues.
In Indonesia, the KKN (corruption, materialism and nepotism)
Contract award: "Modernization and instrumentation equipment Pavilion acute medicine and a central entrance KKN - Endoscopy" - Part 6.
In the past several months PLN has sought to renegotiate the IPP contracts as they are suspected of KKN and markup.
com, we are excited to offer time-stressed parents and grandparents an easy-to-use tool to help them celebrate the lives of children and grandchildren," said Steve Sandborg, Vice President of Marketing at KKN.
Since Wahid took over the presidency, difference of views between the political elite have continued to heat up all reflecting dissatisfaction with the poor performance of the cabinet and behaviours of the president If we look into the criticisms we may come to a conclusion that the country is about to collapse because of rampant KKN (corruption, collusion and nepotism), ineffective cabinet and as the president chose go his own way.