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KKnDKrush, Kill 'n' Destroy (computer game)
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The futuristic KKND2: Krossfire picks up 40 years after KKND left off, with tension mounting into the War of Three Armies.
The computer opponent in the original KKND was the first ever in a game to retreat, and KKND2: Krossfire takes this to the next level, with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) that continuously learns from the terrain and uses scouts to assess players' strengths and weaknesses.
The players' role in KKND is to control the earth's oil supply through strategic resource management and by exploiting the best fighting talents of the side they have chosen to control.
In single-player mode with the computer as opponent, KKND supplies the most challenging real-time strategy game AI yet.
Also, the 3-D landscape allows players to manipulate and interact with characters as they walk under bridges, up hills and behind structures, adding interesting dimensions to the strategic elements of KKND.