KKUHKing Khalid University Hospital (King Saud University; Saudi Arabia)
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Estimated ancestral sequence at nodes C and E (identical) in the dated phylogenetic tree and nucleotide substitutions observed in virus sequences obtained in this study, together with virus sequences from patients in KKUH and PSMMC hospitals that appear to be related to this outbreak, are shown in Figure 3 and online Technical Appendix 2.
Viral genomic data obtained during this study generated alternative hypotheses and show that the outbreak of KFMC was linked to ongoing transmission within health care facilities in Riyadh at that time, including, but probably not limited to, PSMMC and KKUH.
Although epidemiologic linkages would have led us to deduce that patient KFMC-9 may have acquired infection from the KFMC-1 virus cluster, viral genetic analysis conclusively demonstrates that this was a separate introduction into KFMC through a person with an externally acquired infection with a virus closely related to viruses at KKUH.
Due to the lack of seriousness displayed by the physician from Infectious Disease section about his condition, we consulted with a friend at KKUH (also a physician).
My husband found it to be an excruciatingly painful procedure and rested for six hours before leaving KKUH.
After the procedure at KFSH my husband was up and walking within an hour whereas the same procedure at KKUH had him incapacitated for six hours