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KLAKentucky Library Association
KLAKansas Library Association
KLAKenya Library Association
KLAKaer Loche Alliance
KLAKindred Lodges Association (Freemasonry, Masonic)
KLAKnowledge Liberation Army (Sydney, Australia)
KLAkeratolimbal allograft
KLAAir Lithuania (ICAO code)
KLAKenya Land Alliance
KLAKey Learning Area (NSW Department of Education)
KLAKlystron Amplifier
KLAKosovo Liberation Army
KLAKansas Livestock Association (Topeka, KS)
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But they acknowledged that unspecified problems prevented the two sides from signing an agreement on transforming the KLA into a 5,000-member Kosovo Corps.
The agreement was to have been signed by peacekeeper commander General Mike Jackson and the KLA military commander, Gen Agim Ceku, but the ceremony was cancelled.
The military commander of the KLA, Agim Ceku, is a former brigadier general in the Croatian army, and, according to the London Independent's Robert Fisk, an "ethnic cleanser" in his own right.
Another KLA leader is Xhavit Haliti, who is not even a Kosovar.
AHEAD OF THE CURVE: In our March 15, 1999 cover story "Diving into the Kosovo Quagmire"--published prior to NATO's 1999 war over Kosovo--THE NEW AMERICAN warned that the KLA "is a terrorist criminal syndicate, Maoist in its ideological bent, hard-wired into the international heroin trade, and tightly allied with Osama bin Laden.
There's no doubt that bin Laden's people have been in Kosovo helping to arm, equip, and train the KLA.
The KLA was among the al-Qaeda-connected groups to which that directive was issued.
By any definition, the KLA must be considered one of the most loathsome terrorist groups in existence.
Pearl and co-author Robert Block focused on the propaganda efforts of KLA propagandist Halit Barani, "a former actor with a Karl Marx beard who summarizes Serb war crimes by showing a photo of a baby with a smashed skull.
The KLA, made up of good guys and bad guys, fought Milosevic, Serb strongman and Europe's last blood-sucking Stalinist.
We sincerely hope that this fact would prompt the congressman to reassess his support for bin Laden's KLA comrades.
While funding for the KLA may have come from bin Laden, as Mutschke pointed out, training for the KLA's leaders came from American and British special forces and intelligence personnel.