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KLANKoi Liebhaber Am Niederrhein (German: Koi Enthusiasts of the Lower Rhine; Luxembourg)
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Not much was heard of the Klan until the turn of the 20th century when it re-emerged, adding hatred of immigrants, Jews and Catholics to its virulently anti-black, pro-segregation agenda.
No one's sure why the hate organisation was founded on December 25 but if the Klan had their way Christmas, and every day, would be white.
Klan promoters arrived in Worcester in 1922 and began to sign up members.
He dismisses the tendency to portray an aberrational "eruption of hatred and prejudice," making the case instead for a Klan infused with a very mainstream pro-British nationalism, a vehicle for the expression of "a somewhat more extreme version of what most people thought.
Basing her judgment on a shorter, earlier, book on two centuries of American life that I published in 1970, she overlooks a more recent three-volume work on Modern American Religion, where I devoted over twenty-five pages to the doings of the Klan in Baker's chosen time period.
It happened on a Saturday night following a big Klan rally.
This is why the leaders of the Klan constructed call-action frames that resonated strongly with those who were experiencing power devaluation.
Poco despues pronuncio el juramento del Klan en una ceremonia de iniciacion que tuvo lugar a medianoche en la cima del Stone Mountain.
By publishing a report on a Klansman's activities or sharing insights into Klan worldviews, we become coconspirators in bringing their message of discrimination to the listening world.
On being asked what he meant by reference to KKK, he shot back: "You know what the Klan means.
She, like the others, this Klan image asserts, has been seduced by Catholicism and the corrupt forces it has unleashed on American society.
Huffington Post blogger Jeffrey Feldman decried Coulter's Klan remark, and wondered why CNN had her on as a guest yesterday.