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KLAVKoninklijk Limburgs Apothekers Verbond (Dutch: Royal Limburgs Pharmacists' Association; the Netherlands)
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Visitors to the KLAV Show 2013 will stand a chance to experience an encore performance of the legendary Focal and McIntosh duet, which was a key draw of the show in the previous year.
Everyone loves Las Vegas, and that's why KLAV 1230 AM and Sorealradio.
Der lettischen Namenforscher Klavs Silins auierte die Meinung, dass man uber Familiennamen bei den Latgallen erst nach dem Jahre 1861 sprechen kann (s.
Denmark and Copenhagen are proud to be hosting this historic climate change meeting, and we are happy to welcome the Hopenhagen campaign as part of our wide- ranging communications efforts for the conference," said under-secretary for public-diplomacy in the Danish Foreign Ministry, Ambassador Klavs A.
Carlo Bertelli writes on the production and distribution of books in late antiquity; Klavs Randsborg on the distribution and nature of treasure in the Migration Period; Jean Durliat on the conditions governing commerce and trade; Federico Marazzi on politico-economic development in the Italian peninsula before and after the Lombard invasions; Sonia Gutierrez Lloret on eastern Spain in the light of archaeological discoveries; Stephane Lebecq on written and archaeological sources for trade in northern Gaul; S.
RIGA - The association Free Democrats, recently established by the group of six independent Saeima members led by MP Klavs Olsteins, does not intend to become a political party by the next Saeima elections, said the association' chairwoman MP Elina Silina in an interview with Latvian State Television on March 26, reports LETA.
On 5 February 1987, Belsevica's oldest son, twenty-eight-year-old Klavs Elsbergs, a gifted poet himself and a graceful translator of Apollinaire and other French poets as well as the editor of a newly established avant-garde cultural monthly, died under circumstances that were never clarified.
The new Dow Outreach gift will allow expansion of the program from the original Department of Chemical Engineering, led by Klavs F.
Of course, there is nothing new in the suggestion that Scandinavia was closely linked to the eastern Mediterranean in this period: Kristian Kristiansen, and before him Jan Bouzek, Klavs Randsborg and Peter Schauer have been saying just that for many years (e.
Six independent Saeima members, led by Klavs Olsteins, have called on the Central Election Commission to revise its decision and reword the voting slips of the referendum, said the group's representative Ginta Sveicere.
Subsequent publications have included dzeltu laiks (signs of the times; 1987), containing poems devoted to turning points in Latvian history from 1199 to 1906; Ievziedu aukstums (The Coldness of Alder Blossoms; 1988), a verse collection dedicated to her deceased poet son Klavs Elsbergs; and Bille (1992; the title is the nickname of the narrator-protagonist Sibilla), a prose work constructed of thirty-five episodes based on the author's childhood memories of prewar, independent Latvia.