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KLAWKlingon Legion of Assault Warriors
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Movie Star News began in 1938 when photographer Irving Klaw struck a deal with the movie studios, then operating in New York City, to collect movie photography that was in great demand by Hollywood fans.
Although Klaw burned most of them but his sister and fellow photographer Paula Klaw wasn't intimidated - she not only kept her collection of photos, but also kept Page's costumes and props, too.
Klaw provides the best solution, with continued development programmes, and with instinctive innovation Klaw can meet industries' changing demands and world legislation.
Enter siblings Irving and Paula Klaw (Chris Bauer, Lili Taylor) who run a nudie photo business for customers wanting a little extra.
Also impressive are comedian Chris Bauer as the wonderfully named fetish photographer Irving Klaw and Lili Taylor as his wife, Paula.
An aspiring actress, Page eventually takes up with Movie Star News, the Hollywood memorabilia distributors run by Irving Klaw and his half-sister Paula.
SAN ANTONIO WAS AS HOT as the Texas of my youth and we hid out until late afternoon to hook up with local legend Carter, tipping skater and owner of The Klaw, a backyard monstrosity of Hellride dimensions.
Klaw," and "Particle Man") and "actual-sized" women with odd jobs ("Hotel Detective," angel, tramp, and aliens on a mission to destroy the universe).
The Ziegfeld Follies, Rose's nightclubs, the Shubert theaters, the Klaw and Erlanger vaudeville houses, the Orpheum circuit--all were in Jewish hands.
At this rime, the American theater was practically run by the Theatrical Syndicate, whose members were Charles Frohman, who controlled theaters in New York and Boston, Al Hayman, who owned and controlled bookings in the West, including San Francisco, Marc Klaw and Abraham Erlanger, who owned theaters in the South and held booking rights for an another two-hundred theaters, and Sam Nixon and Fred Zimmerman of Philadelphia, who controlled first-class theaters in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio.
Inspector Klaw has to find out what the evil Count is up to with his magical daggers.