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KLDKullback-Leibler Distance
KLDKongres Liberalno Demokratyczny (Polish: Liberal Democratic Congress)
KLDKëshilli I Lartë I Drejtësisë (Albanian: High Council of Justice)
KLDKullback-Leibler Divergence
KLDKilolitres per Day (measurement)
KLDKinder, Lydenberg, Domini and Co., Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
KLDKing Lincoln District (Columbus, OH)
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KLD Indexes is a division of KLD Research & Analytics Inc.
Our motor system enables Sufat to create an electric scooter that is extremely responsive, flexible and fast," said Christian Okonsky, founder and CEO of KLD Energy Technologies and KMA.
Using the patented technology, KLD Energy Technologies, and its subsidiary KMA, are producing a high-performance motor system which uses a nano-crystalline composite material to conduct energy more efficiently than traditional, iron-core motors.
Launched in 1990, the KLD Domini 400 Social Index consists of 400 U.
We are extremely proud to announce that KLD and Kenguru have teamed up to create an efficient electric vehicle that will provide much-needed mobility and personal freedom to so many Americans.
Targeting manufacturers based in India and China, the program enables selected companies to test KLD Energy Technologies' patented, high-frequency, high torque-at-low RPM, transmissionless motor system to ensure it meets key design specifications.
Pure green investors will likely want to stick with the pioneers: Winslow, Calvert and KLD, although the others are worth a look.
Nasdaq: GOOG) The SB20 Judges: Andrew Brengle, Senior Research Analyst, KLD Research & Analytics Rafael Coven, Managing Partner, Cleantech Indices LLC Matt Patsky, Managing Director, Winslow Green Growth Fund Patrick McVeigh, President, Reynders, McVeigh Capital Management Max Deml, Editor & Publisher, Oeko Invest Publishing Ltd Ton Rennen, Senior Sustainability Analyst, Triodos Bank NV
According to UQM, the index was created by independent investment research and index provider KLD Research & Analytics, Inc.
KLD concluded that it had to remove the company from the DSI 400.
We're gratified that the Edison Awards recognizes our system as an important technological leap," said Christian Okonsky, founder and chief executive officer of KLD.
AUSTIN, Texas, June 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- KLD Energy Technologies, an emerging leader in electric drive system development, today officially announced the arrival of oneDRIVE(TM).