KLEKey Leader Engagement
KLEKarhunen-Loeve Expansion
KLEKeiner Lebt Ewig (German gaming clan)
KLEKarnataka Lingayat Education (Society)
KLEKnowledge and Language Engineering Laboratory (Pohang University of Science and Technology; South Korea)
KLEKowloon East (Hong Kong)
KLEKVM (Keyboard-Video-Mouse) Link Extender (telecommunications)
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Treat every operation like an information operation in the sense that every time a patrol leaves the "wire," junior leaders must be conscious that the behavior of their patrol will influence the population you encounter and will shape the attitudes of local nationals you will interact with during future KLEs.
This article focuses on the experience of an Infantry company conducting KLEs over the course of a year in Afghanistan.
Influencing the Population: Using Interpreters, Conducing KLEs, and Executing 10 in Afghanistan" by CPT Michael Cummings (Infantry Magazine, May-August 2010).
Today the brand new KLE 500 costs just pounds 3,995.
Just trying to convey one idea to your counterpart can bring the KLE to a standstill.
Another reason a KLE will take longer than originally anticipated is that your counterpart will agree on a topic of discussion but have an ulterior motive and will direct the conversation in an entirely different direction.
1 The KLE Series is the industry's fastest thermal printhead for desktop card printers (based on Kyocera's research as of February 9, 2010).
For more details about the Kyocera KLE Series Thermal Printhead: http://global.
Next, study and prepare for a KLE as if it were any other type of combat patrol.
Third, to explain a typical KLE experience I will describe some of the engagements I conducted in Afghanistan.
The KLE is the only tool that presents the opportunity to influence the population in this manner.
CF elements are typically filled with eager and determined leaders and junior leaders and, because determined leaders are always seeking effects attainment, we will frequently confuse a relationship-building meeting with a KLE.