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KLEARKorean Language Education and Research
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Notes Michael Klear, market development manager, ITW Muller, "By using a downgauge film, customers can reduce the amount of film used- allowing them to minimize waste and meet greater sustainability goals.
Newer urine adulterants, however, such as Urine Luck, UrinAid, Klear, and Whizzies, cannot be detected by routine specimen-integrity tests.
Petersburg Collection, and Klear Electrical had been on the lookout for high-quality space for some time and took advantage of this premier opportunity in one of Long Island City's most prestigious buildings.
This should klear up konfusion and keyboards kan have one less letter.
Not only will this klear up konfusion, but typewriter keyboards will have one less letter.
Collaborating with the finest structural engineers and architects, pool customers can take advantage of the latest in industry technology from the Kreepy Klear natural chlorine systems, automated Kreepy Krauly mobile pool cleaners, complex fiber optic lighting systems for pool and adjoining landscape areas, Lexan plexi-glass pool/spa dividers, heat pumps, electronic ignition gas heaters and solar systems to the recently developed telephone-activated pool control systems utilizing computer chips and touch-tone telephones.
Sidebars listed phony bands with names like Aryan Can Cook, Bubba, Klear Kult and the the Sheets.
Martin Coles, President and Chief Executive Officer of HaloSource, commented: "Although we believe we have not infringed Natural Chemistry's patents as asserted in the complaint, in the spirit of compromise, we have voluntarily agreed to stop manufacturing our SeaKlear[R] Free & Klear product formulation in which lanthanide compounds are in combination with enzymatic compounds.
This year's line-up features Seasick Steve, Example and DJ Wire, Maverick Sabre, Sigma, Le Galaxie, Klingande, Lee Scratch Perry, Gavin James, Jape, Krystal Klear, Kormacs Big Band, The Minutes, Wyvern Lingo and many more.
The new Klear Can also adapts to existing metal-can filling, seaming, and retorting lines with no need for new downstream equipment.
Other major sponsors of the campaign are EmiratesNBD, Emax, Danube, Radio4, Klear Bottled Drinking Water, Chilly Willy Quality Food Products and United Colour Film.
More recently, commercial adulterants with names like Stealth, Klear and Urine Luck have become available on the Internet.