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KLISKyushu Lipid Intervention Study (male study group)
KLISKent Landscape Information System (UK)
KLISKlimainformationssystem des DWD (Climate Information System of German weather forecasting service)
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Our ability to now arm financial institutions with advanced, programmatic RTB delivery capabilities that expand their reach across the open internet, in combination with the science of KLI targeting and real-time delivery, is providing a significant advantage that is driving dramatic results in terms of cross-sell, acquisition and customer engagement," added Rob Heiser, Segmint CEO and President.
Fechter LD, Klis SFL, Shirwany NA, Moore TG, Rao D.
Study coauthor Michiel van der Klis of the University of Amsterdam notes that the results are consistent with the twisting of space-time.
The KLIs are then used to precisely segment and target customers for relevant marketing messages.
Katie Lowerre 5 6 17, Angelica Ariola 5 7 20, Emma Klis 2 1 5, Mariah Nicholas 8 2 18, Lisa Lutz 1 0 2, Bridget Quilty 4 1 9, Anna Walther 0, Olivia Riordan 0 2 2.
van der Klis FR, Mollema L, Berbers GA, de Melker HE, Coutinho RA.
The Post's Mike Klis points out that Thomas had 29 catches during four seasons of college ball, and played four games in his first season as junior with New Mexico due to ankle and foot injuries.
If you want to test physical theory, you want to push it to its extreme," says Michiel van der Klis of the University of Amsterdam.
D Works to thee road from Teranya village to atchkat via Mariyaiah%s land under the atckat of KLIS and Improvement to balance length of road from Jakavalli Koppalu village to Gangamalamma temple coming under the atchkat of SRD(S) canal
26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Klis Brothers is a full service repair shop that handles everything from brakes to electrical systems.
Verhoef L, Boot HJ, Koopmans M, Mollema L, Van Der Klis F, Reimerink J, et al.
In an upcoming Nature, Rudy Wijnands of the University of Amsterdam and the Center for High Energy Astrophysics in Amsterdam and Michiel van der Klis of the University of California, Berkeley detail the discovery.