KLLKronisk Lymfatisk Leukemi
KLLKernersville Little League
KLL"K" Line Logistics Ltd. (ocean transportation services; Australia)
KLLKecelakaan Lalu Lintas (Indonesian: Traffic Accidents)
KLLKraftwerke Linth Limmern (German: Linth-Limmern Power Plant; Switzerland)
KLLKim-Lee-Lee (authenticated group key agreement protocol)
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29) Haritus naitas--esialgu kll vaga norgalt--oma voimet inimest sotsiaalselt edutada ja seda kasutati kohe ara.
Pastori tookohustuste hulka kuulus kll koduvisitatsioonide tegemine, mille kaigus kontrolliti usuteadmisi ja lugemisoskust.
I heard one say 'I'm going to kll him' so I curled up in a ball.
The user-friendly KLL counter is a dedicated 2-axis digital readout (DRO) for turning operations that displays three axis: X, Z and Zu.
To KLL someone therefore means to treat that person "lightly," without dignity--the precise linguistic and conceptual antonym to KBD, "honor.
We expect that the US will send its response on the KLL plan for the ongoing fiscal year in September 2011, since Islamabad has extended a formal request to consolidate KLL money for bigger projects instead of spending it on smaller projects, the official said, adding that US civilian aid would be linked to certain specific targets and different indicators linked to getting desired results.
Eslik eden neoplaziler basta non-Hodgkin lenfo-ma olmak uzere KLL, Castleman hastaligi ve Waldenstrom mak-roglobulinemisi gibi lenfoproliferatif hastaliklardir.
Alt grup analizi gerceklestrildiginde ise hem OIHA hem de KLL hastaligina sahip 4 bireyin hepsinin polimorfizme sahip oldugu gosterilmistir (3 AG, 1 GG).
KLL, currently based at 100 West 33rd Street, will move in the fall of 2007.
He said that under the KLL, the US wanted to interfere in Pakistan's affairs and maintain the ongoing tension in Pakistan at the cost of its own people.
Tenders are invited for KLL, project Linthal 2015 / license requirements, fish ladder at the weir of H.