KLNLFKarbi Longri North Cachar Hills Liberation Front (political group; India)
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Stating that most of the militant outfits were willing for peace talks, the Chief Minister said, "We want to sign an agreement soon with the KLNLF and UPDS.
Well the situation has been improving because of the surrender of KLNLF in Karbi Anglong and DHD(Jewel) faction in NC Hills.
The surrendered KLNLF cadres were welcomed with roses and traditional Assamese shawls.
I take this opportunity to convey the government of India that KLNLF is sincere in bringing sustainable peace in the part of country," Thong Teron, Chief, KLNLF.
The KLNLF, which is responsible for killing, extortion and other unlawful activities, has disrupted peace and normalcy in the state.
The string of events coincided with the KLNLF 'indefinite economic blockade' on national highways and rail tracks in the State.