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KLOUBowman Field Airport (Airport Code; Louisville, Ky)
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Austin will now be in charge of oldies KLOU, country KSD (93.
They had worked together on Rams broadcasts on KLOU (103.
KLOU has dropped all references to "oldies," a term which management feels has negative connotations for the younger demographics.
KLOU is now playing several songs back-to-back with nothing in between.
Clear Channel, owner of KLOU, has done some research that round listeners want content related to them and to the music--not self-centered jocks.
The only real waste of an HD frequency here is at KLOU (103.
Tori Lyons of Clear Channel's Total Traffic Network currently does news headlines on KLOU and also has a great rapport with Smash.
But when some stations tried to expand their playlists into the '70s and '80s, as KLOU did with the failed "Superhits" format a few years ago, the numbers often tank.
1) and KLOU, heads up the radio station at Lindenwood University.
Dodie Rahlman has been let go by Clear Channel as John Mathews slides into the newly created position of KLOU (103.
Former oldies station KLOU has abandoned most of the music from that era.