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KLSEKuala Lumpur Stock Exchange
KLSEKlondike Gold Rush National Historic Park-Seattle Unit (US National Park Service)
KLSEKey Laboratory of Systems Ecology (China)
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The lowest average annual return was given by the KLSE property sector with -2.
Table 2 presents the Construction sectors inter-asset correlation matrix over the period of 1993-2013 with KLCI and other KLSE sectors.
The reasons behind the recovery in share prices in regional exchanges are not seen as factors in the recovery of the KLSE CI.
The KLSE CI's rise coincided with speculation that Prime Minister Mahathir would call elections sometime in the second half of this year.
The KLSE will continue to closely monitor all further developments to ensure that its systems will continue to operate at optimum performance," the exchange release added.
Since having the right asset mix will help to determine the performance of Shariah-compliant listed construction companies, in this case, zero allocations of the Shariah non-compliant listed construction companies and other KLSE sectors in the mixed-asset portfolio will ensure a positive risk-return ratio.
Figure 1 presents the efficient frontier of a mixed asset portfolio consisting of Shariah-compliant listed construction companies, KLSE Plantation and KLSE Consumer Products for the period of 1993 to 2013.
com)-- MMF Solutions today announced immense success in conveying research based financial recommendations in the SGX & KLSE stock markets.
Table 1: Average Return and Standard Deviation of Dispersion Based on Sectoral Classifications from 1992 to 2001 in the KLSE Period 1992-2001 Sector Standard Average Average Deviation Number Average Returns of Dispersion of firms Returns Construction -0.
In 2002, KHiND was honored with the Energy Efficiency Award for ceiling fans, The National Creativity and Innovation Award in 2004, KLSE Corporate Sectoral Award in 2003 amongst others.
51 per cent higher Wednesday as the KLSE resumed trade after being closed since Friday for the Lunar New Year, dealers said.
74 points) * JAKARTA - closed * KUALA LUMPUR - KLSE index 648.