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KMAXKevin Max (musician)
KMAXKenneth Maxwell Fersht (Kmax Multimedia)
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A case study of the KMAX helicopter logging was conducted on the Jefferson National Forest in Virginia (Sloan et al.
We had looked at a several systems, and found that Liberty NT gives us more bang for the buck," added Jack Davis, Chief Engineer at KMAX.
WUPA Atlanta, GA KEYE Austin, TX KVEO Baltimore, MD WSBK Boston, MA WKWB Buffalo, NY WWHO Columbus, OH KTXA Dallas, TX WKBD Detroit, MI WDWB Detroit, MI KBJR Duluth, MN WPTA Fort Wayne, IN KSEE Fresno, CA KTXH Houston, TX WNDY Indianapolis, IN WTNZ Knoxville, TN KCOP Los Angeles, CA WLMT Memphis, TN WPTY Memphis, TN WBFS Miami, FL KMSP Minneapolis, MN WUPL New Orleans, LA WRBW Orlando, FL WEEK Peoria, IL KPSG Oklahoma, OK WPSG Philadelphia, PA WLWC Providence, RI KMAX Sacramento, CA KBWB San Francisco, CA KNTV San Jose, CA KSTW Seattle, WA KMSS Shreveport, LA KSHV Shreveport, LA WTVH Syracuse, NY WTOG Tampa, FL WDCA Washington, DC WTVX West Palm Beach, FL
Entertainment; Conus News Service; CNBC; Fox Family & Friends; WNYW (New York); KTLA (Los Angeles); WGN (IND Chicago); KYW (Philadelphia); KTVU (San Francisco); WBZ (Boston), and; KMAX (Sacramento).
Honorable mention: Rory Markas (Clippers radio) makes us all wish Ralph Lawler had a TV committment; Joel Meyers (Raiders radio), our choice to someday succeed Hearn with the Lakers, receives an exemption because the team used to play here, KMAX is an affiliate, and Meyers lives in the Valley; Steve Physioc (UCLA basketball, Prime), who is also the probable new face on Angels KCAL games; Ted Sobel (Ice Dogs radio, KMAX-FM), who as a midseason replacement (see below) could be picked up as a first-run series; Al Epstein (Pepperdine basketball radio, KIEV); Lou Riggs (UCLA women's basketball and volleyball, men's volleyball radio, KIEV).
has been unreliable recording KMAX listeners consistently because of its confusion in the station's new-vs.
I think sports talk looks very positive here - with or without KMAX," James said.
Point of irony: XTRA has been buying time on KMAX to carry Kings and UCLA broadcasts during schedule conflicts).
Joe McDonnell, KMAX afternoons: The Big Nasty, overdue for the accolades, weighs in at the top spot by staying true to the L.
Additionally, on March 9, SureWest added KMAX HD, the 50th HD channel in its HD Life package.
With the addition of KMAX HD, on The CW 31, we now have 50 HD channels in our lineup, up from 17 at the beginning of 2007.
1) also to broadcast games until the signal is improved, but KMAX, too, has reception problems in the West L.