KMBKimberly-Clark Corporation
KMBKowloon Motor Bus (Hong Kong)
KMBKiss My Butt
KMBKempen & Co Merchant Bank (Germany)
KMBKotak Mahindra Bank Limited (India)
KMBKou-Markowsky-Berman (routing algorithm)
KMBKnabenmusik der Stadt Bern
KMBKiss Me Boy (Internet slang)
KMBKorova Milk Bar
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Renamed RTS Wind Ltd, KMB is now the UK division of the German firm - and, as the majority shareholder, RTS will plough "significant" investment into its latest acquisition.
com/articles/164678/Piccadilly%2C+Carrefour+Supermarkets+To+Merge+In+Bulgaria">merger between Piccadillyas owner AP Mart and KMB was announced in November last year.
uk, the KMB boasts a wide range of upgrades that make it stand out of the crowd - proven 49cc 2-stroke Honda derived engine, fully restrictable throttle, front and rear drum brakes, electric start, fully automatic twist and go, rear mono shock, front forks, fold back kickstart, snap-back spring loaded race footpegs, key switch immobiliser, NGK spark plug, and removable race paddock stand, to name but a few.
Ramirent said that KMB Stavebni Servis specialises in renting of telehandlers and its business covers the whole of the Czech Republic.
Moto admitted three charges brought by the Health and Safety Executive, Simons two, KMB one, M & G Hill two, and Monitor two charges.
KMB has a relatively large dividend of more than $1 billion and sizeable capital expenditures which are also in the $1 billion range.
We have developed a very good reputation for both quality of components and services levels with KMB and we would like to believe that further business will be forthcoming in the future.
In addition, KCM benefits from its strong relationship with KMB, which provides the company with recognized global brands, common process and product technology, consistent financial reporting and controls, and worldwide purchasing & sourcing.
Fitch is comforted by the fact that KMB has demonstrated an ability to scale back discretionary activities such as share repurchases, capital expenditures when cash flows experience pressure or if pension contributions or fill-in acquisitions are required.
Tickers featured: AET:TSX, BPL, DD, DUK, ENLAY, ERF, ETP, FPL, KMB, MMP, NS, RAIL, T, VZ.
KCM is a strategic investment for KMB as its largest and most profitable affiliate worldwide.
In the BA - WA 1, a total of 80 units are to be created in the KMB, 18 WE promotion model in the Munich model rental model, 30 units in the EOF model model, 38 units in the KomPro / B model and a child crematorium with four groups.