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KMDKazaa Media Desktop
KMDKiss Me Deadly (band)
KMDKnock Me Down
KMDKausing Much Damage (hip hop)
KMDKomodo Manchester Debugger
KMDKey Management Device
KMDKazaa Movie Database
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The director of KMD was Kerstin Dalgleish, and the court was told that the Government's Company Investigations unit believes this is the real name of the Kirsty Green who fleeced the Speeds.
New features of the KMD 90 include high-output ceramic heaters designed to enable the sheet to quickly and efficiently absorb energy.
While I will be based in our New York City offices, I will also be working closely with KMD employees to advance the company's boutique in Los Angeles.
Thurman stated "We are excited at Thurman Hotel Consultants to partner with KMD Hospitality Management to help them manage their OTA channels and increase revenue in all segments.
Sonuc: Calismamizda KMD ile 25(OH)D duzeyi arasinda istatistiksel olarak anlamli iliski bulunmamakla birlikte, osteopeni+osteoporoz saptanan olgularda ciddi D vitamini yetersizligi KMD normal olan olgulardan iki kat fazladir.
Ulrik Vesterbaek, Project Manager for KMD, said, "KMD views Stonebranch as a true business partner and not as just another vendor.
Yine farkli KMD genlerindeki mutasyonlar benzer klinik fenotiplere yol acabilirken bazen de ayni KMD genlerindeki mutasyonlar farkli klinik fenotiplere neden olabilmektedir (3,4).
Velocent's KMD technology enables wireless carriers to do just that by measuring key performance indicators, defining and analyzing problems and eventually controlling them so they don't recur.
David Hobstetter (left) is a principal at KMD Architects (Kaplan-McLaughlin-Diaz), a San Francisco-based global firm founded in 1963 whose goal is to provide innovation and creativity in commercial, corporate, healthcare, and academic architectural services (www.
The proposal is based on information submitted by KMD Architects of San Francisco.
MR KMD, Middlesbrough (Name and address withheld on request)