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KMHKilometer per Hour
KMHKate Miller-Heidke (singer)
KMHKorea Multipurpose Helicopter
KMHKevyn Major Howard (headshot photographer; Los Angeles, CA)
KMHKids Mental Health (listserve)
KMHKlub Mechelen Handbal
KMHKarl Marx House (Trier, Germany)
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Designed for a top speed around 250 kmh, D-trains have been widely used for serving fast and frequent transport between main cities, such as Beijing-Shanghai, Shanghai-Suzhou, and Shenzhen-Guangzhou.
Lastly, with the assistance of a physician assistant as an interpreter, two women who had experienced obstetrical emergencies were interviewed to assess their knowledge of their conditions, the symptom(s) that prompted health care seeking, and their experience accessing care at the KMH.
KMH, one of the largest media content providers in South Korea, transmits three of its own channels and 37 channels from various programme providers.
Selon le NHC, les vents de l'ouragan sont quelque peu tombes et soufflent desormais a une vitesse maximale de 205 kmh, placant l'ouragan en categorie 3 sur l'echelle de Saffir-Simpson qui en compte cinq.
Right from its inception KMH has taken up challenging assignments and have succeeded in saving lives and one classic example is the case of Miss.
She covered her eyes and terrified Alex looked nothing like his hardman cage fighter image as they rode on the Rita rollercoaster - which accelerates from 0-100 kmh in 2.
Tsunami waves can travel at speeds of 800-1,000 kmh.
JUST seven days after La Princesse trundled through the city centre at a top speed of five kmh - Le Peloton will charge along The Strand, this time at speeds approaching 60 kmh.
A 26cc engine takes this machine to speeds of up to 80 kmh.
But once the rider works the speed up to roughly 10 KMH (6 MPH), the Flyak is ready for take-off.
5 psi), more flotation, the capability of road speeds up to 29 kmh (18 mph), and a 14 percent increase over the previous mobil-trac system with the ride comfort of a wheeled combine.