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KMLKeyhole Markup Language
KMLKilling My Lobster (comedy troupe, San Francisco, California)
KMLKettle Moraine Lutheran (high school; Jackson, WI)
KMLKewalo Marine Laboratory (University of Hawaii Manoa; Honolulu, HI)
KMLKnowledge Management Language
KMLKilling Myself Laughing
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Comparisons of different vents are almost effortless once a KML file of the database is read into Google Earth.
As depicted in Table I, strains MKA 17, SSA 13 and KML 2 showed good cytotoxic activity with 92%, 84% and 84% larval mortality respectively, against Artimia salina.
ArcGIS Earth users can explore open standard KML and KMZ data, shapefiles, imagery, and web services; tilt and rotate the view; measure distances and areas on the globe; and supplement maps with sketches and annotations.
Un archivo KML puede ser creado directamente en un editor de texto o a traves de Google Earth.
The acquisition of KML by KTH is a milestone transaction in South Africa.
The top performer in Yorkshire and the North-East is Newcastle-based Kilfrost, which makes de-icing fluid for the aviation industry and includes airlines BA, KML and Air New Zealand among its customers.
csv and KML, and layer them over a map from Google, Bing or OpenStreetMap.
It now includes support for georeferenced data such as Esri's File Geodatabase (GDB) and KML.
Issue of applicability of the KML Act to NBFC's is sub-judice at the Supreme Court and any ruling which require NBFC's to comply with the KML Act could have an impact on the earnings and growth prospects of the company in the state of Kerala, which accounts for around 16% of its portfolio as on September 30, 2010.
Similarly, KML and geoRSS location data can be viewed on any map program from Google, Microsoft, Yahoo
As you explore GIS resources, you'll begin to notice that people are sharing their favorite projects in a file format with the KML or KMZ file extension.