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KMMKröller-Müller Museum (Netherlands)
KMMKawasaki Motors Manufacturing (Santa Ana, CA)
KMMKumpulan Mujahidin Malaysia (Malaysian political organization)
KMMKeep Middlesex Moving (New Brunswick, NJ)
KMMKaback Model Management (various locations)
KMMKolej Matrikulasi Melaka (Malaysian school)
KMMKnowledge-Based Multifunctional Materials (EU)
KMMKentucky Mountain Mission (Beattyville, KY)
KMMKnowledge Maturity Model (knowledge management)
KMMKey Management Message
KMMKøbenhavns Middelaldermarked (Danish: Copenhagen Medieval Market)
KMMKitco Minerals and Metals
KMMKnowledge Management and Marketing
KMMK-Meleon Macro
KMMKevin Menthei Music
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The play opens with Rick facing a public relations disaster resulting from the announcement of massive layoffs at a company KMM purchased around the same time Rick threw himself and his fiancee a lavish engagement party, complete with elephants.
Crown Castle, a provider of shared wireless infrastructure, has awarded its materials and warehouse management activities for small cell and fiber deployments to KMM, a provider of logistics and network services to the US communications industry, the company said.
The KMM includes four domains of KT strategies--products, events, networks, and other strategies--that are measured across five indicators (types, ease of use, accessibility, audience focus, and extra indicators) (Cooper, 2012).
Previously, Waupaca Foundry received the 2010 Cost Savings Award for all KMM suppliers.
At the height of the construction boom, KMM ran property investment seminars across Britain and Ireland to get investors to buy and build property in the emirate.
KMM Metals cannot buy commodities and pay for them later, as it used to do, regardless of how long and successfully it has cooperated with suppliers, says the chairman.
Arnulf Camps (1925-2006), a noted missiologist who taught at the University of Nijmegen and was cofounder of the International Association for Mission Studies, was on the KMM Steering Committee from its inception and was chair of the project from 1990.
Malaysia has been battling Islamic militant groups since it uncovered the KMM network and its link with the JI head, Indonesian preacher Abu Bakar Bashir who stayed in Malaysia for many years.
He sold KMM for a massive profit - which some City experts estimate at pounds 8million - to a New York agency.
Following KMM, let N = 100 and solve for the level of firm-fixed costs that will allow an entrant to just break even.
Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 system and Wii developed by KMM Games.