KMMBKoperasi Muslimin Malaysia Berhad (Malay: Cooperative Muslims Malaysia Berhad)
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The six consortiums are each led by one of the five broadcasters KBS, MBC, SBS, CBS, YTN and a group of small-sized equipment makers named KMMB, the Korea Broadcasting Commission said in a statement.
ARD, Bavarian State Regulatory Authority for Broadcasting and New Media, BBC, Beijing Jolon, Beijing Radio, Cowon, Cyber Bank, Deutsche Telekom, Digifriends, DLR, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, European Telecommunications Standards Institute, GT Electronics, Guangdong Yue Guang DMB, Hyundai Autonet, Hyundai KIA, InnoAce, Institut fur Rundfunktechnik, International Telecommunications Union, Ipirus, JAS System, KBS, KMMB, Korea DMB, Korean Broadcasting Commission, KTR, LG, LG Telecom, MBC, MBCo, Ministry of Information and Communications, MNBT, Nokia, ORF, Pantech, Perstel, Reigncom, Renault Samsung, Samsung, SBS, SK Telecom, SK Teletech, SRG/SSR, Toshiba, T-Systems, TU Media, VDL, VK, YTN, ZDF