KMNKnowledge Media Networking (IEEE Workshop)
KMNKirkkojen Maailmanneuvosto (Finnish: World Council of Churches)
KMNKnowledge Management Network
KMNKill Me Now
KMNKamina, Zaire (airport code)
KMNKemuna (postal locality, Malta)
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Closing is conditioned upon receipt of approval from the court; and the lending banks to TAT industries and KMN Industries; and the Israeli Anti-Trust Authority.
KMN extended this program at the International Home + Housewares Show in March with a new color, "natural.
These users are customers of several Japanese cable MSOs and their distributors, including ZTV, KMN, Itech Hanshin and Toyama CATV Consortium - representing more than 2.
The lender which filed the above mentioned petition is not the same lender which filed a petition against KMN Industries Ltd.
Nasdaq: TATT - News), a leading provider of services and products to the commercial and military aerospace and ground defense industries, today announced that a lender to its controlling stockholder, KMN Industries Ltd.
Isal "), its indirect controlling shareholder, to negotiate a potential re-organization of Isal and its subsidiaries (collectively, the " Group "), for the consolidation of the Group's industrial activity in the metal segment (the " Metal Business ") with the Company's activity in the aviation market (the " Reorganization "), by way of a purchase by the Company of the Metal Business, according to the following general scheme (the " Plan ") - KMN Industries (K.
Clayton Nickoloff Daley (chairman (CFO, of KMN, Procter & Inc) Yes Outside Gamble) Yes Outside Gary C.
KMN Sheet Metal, Milton Electric Company, Paul Friedman, Inc.
Among the KT associated proteins, set of proteins called KMN network (KNL-1-Ndc80-Mis12) provides direct MT interactions.
The opening is the first of many QUIZNO'S restaurants planned in Japan over the next ten years under a Master Franchise Agreement granted late last year to KMN U.
Mendelson Group is an ancillary of KMN Water (previously known as Kaman Trade), which is a part of KMN Capital as infrastructure division.