KMNKnowledge Media Networking (IEEE Workshop)
KMNKirkkojen Maailmanneuvosto (Finnish: World Council of Churches)
KMNKnowledge Management Network
KMNKamata Meisters Network (Japan)
KMNKill Me Now
KMNKamina, Zaire (airport code)
KMNKemuna (postal locality, Malta)
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Closing is conditioned upon receipt of approval from the court; and the lending banks to TAT industries and KMN Industries; and the Israeli Anti-Trust Authority.
Our Yesterdays: Massacre Island legends linger," KMN, June 13, 1974, 12.
The tragedy of Massacre Island," KMN, visitors guide insert, July 8, 1974, 12.
See "Held by Indians, man given protection," KMN, January 3, 1974, 4.
See, for example, "Happenings in provincial court," KMN, July 31, 1974, 10; "Man found guilty of rape," August 1, 1974, 10; "Man gets five years on rape conviction," August 26, 1974, 9; "Two Whitedog Indians found guilty," August 27, 1974, 7; "Kenora provincial court, teenager gets nine months," September 12, 1974, 10; "Court docket," September 16, 1974, 2; "Man sentenced to 18 months," October 17, 1974, 3.
Truck Night" proved to be a laboratory in innovation and product development for Nielson and Vann, who co-founded KMN in 2005.
KMN extended this program at the International Home + Housewares Show in March with a new color, "natural.
Also at the Housewares Show, KMN debuted its MagnetTowel.
Caption: Seen here in its lime coloration, the DrawerDecor line has been a mainstay for KMN Home for the past two years.
These users are customers of several Japanese cable MSOs and their distributors, including ZTV, KMN, Itech Hanshin and Toyama CATV Consortium - representing more than 2.