KMNPKayan Mentarang National Park (Indonesia)
KMNPKeystone-Monon Neighborhood Partnership (Indianapolis, IN)
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Nonetheless, thanks to its clear layout, maps, and wealth of photographic material, it quickly acquaints the reader with the origins and development of the KMNP, its abundant flora and fauna, and, not least, the remaining evidence of the stone and earth constructions of vanished cultures.
And it has been decided that the National Park's museum, archives and central administration are to be located in Malinau--a city not only rapidly purpose-built as the modern capital of the Malinau administrative district, and lacking any tradition of its own, but also remote from all that is worth seeing in the KMNP itself?
The Board of Directors of the territorial unit KMNP Sickle FehertE about 10,000 pieces hay - bale small volume (1.