KMOKleine en Middelgrote Ondernemingen (Dutch: Small and Medium Enterprises)
KMOKaiser-Meyer-Olkin (test to assess the appropriateness of using factor analysis on data)
KMOKnowledge Master Open (academic competition)
KMOKnowledge Management Officer (US DoD)
KMOKnowledge Management in Organizations (convention; Maribor, Slovenia)
KMOInternational Conference on Knowledge Management in Organizations (annual conference)
KMOKohler Meyers O'Halloran, Inc. (real estate company; Gresham, OR)
KMOKenya Medical Outreach (Suwanee, GA)
KMOKick Malaria Out (Volunteer Partnerships for West Africa; Ghana)
KMOKnihovna Mesta Ostravy (Czech: Ostrava City Library; Ostrava, Czech Republic)
KMOKonkani Music Online
KMOKunglig Majestäts Orden (Royal Swedish Order of the Seraphim)
KMOKnox Mining Office
KMOKompetenzzentrum für Multimediale Objekte (German: Competence Center for Multimedia Objects)
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EFA--Explanatory factor analysis KMO -Kaiser-Meyer-Oklin OFSP--Orange-fleshed sweetpotato VAD--Vitamin A deficiency WFSP--White-fleshed sweetpotato
Dependent Variable: Dividend Pay out ratio Table--II KMO and Bartlett's Test and Total Variance Explained (Factor Analysis Approach) KMO and Bartlett's Test Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin Measure of Sampling Adequacy : .
000 Discriminating Assessment of dimensionality power of the items of the item results of exploratory factor analysis Cronbach Assessment of KMO 0.
Table 6 shows the values for the scale adequacy test of the measured constructs from KMO and Bartlett's test of sphericity on the environmental performance and financial performance after removal of indicators with low commonality.
On uygulamadan elde edilen verilerin faktor analizi icin uygun olup olmadigini belirlemek icin KMO orneklem uygunlugu testi ve Bartlett'in kuresellik testi yapilarak anti imaj korelasyon matrisinin kosegen degerleri incelenmistir.
Consequently, the analysis comprised 13 variables for which KMO coefficient was high and amounted to 0.
Table 2: KMO and Bartlett's Test and Table 3: Factor loadings after rotation: Component Matrix) to a more manageable number, prior to using them in other analyses such as multiple regression or multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA) [Fidell (2009)].
If questions aren't answered by another IKN user within 72 hours of posting, the USAICoE KMO office tracks down the answer and answers the post.
The exploratory factor analysis identifies two ontological dimensions (table 4), with acceptable values both for the KMO index (0.