KMOSKernel of a Multiprocess Operating System (UNIX clone)
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What makes KMOS unique is its ability to image many galaxies simultaneously, but via the use of image slicers still see the individual properties of each single galaxy.
Dr Michele Cirasuolo is the lead instrument scientist for KMOS at UK ATC.
Most of the observations done by similar near-infrared spectrographs over the last 10 years could be done in just two months with KMOS.
The KMOS instrument will be an invaluable tool to investigate the physical and environmental processes which shape the formation and evolution of galaxies over cosmic time.
Operating income, net income and earnings per share were impacted by a pre-tax $348,000 non-recurring charge for merger expenses associated with Orbit's acquisition of KMOS, a fabless gate array company which offers open-market design services of high-performance, mixed-signal (analog/digital) application specific integrated circuits (ASICs).
The acquisition of KMOS has been accounted for as a pooling of interests and, accordingly, the financial results as disclosed in this press release include KMOS for all periods presented.
6 million shares in connection with its initial public offering in November 1994 and 1 million shares in connection with its acquisition of KMOS last month.
The KMOS mixed analog/digital gate arrays and their low voltage design methodology provide a significant opportunity in battery operated products in a wide range of markets.
Orbit has acquired all of the outstanding capital stock of KMOS in exchange for one million shares of Orbit common stock.
With the acquisition of KMOS and the outstanding analog design expertise they possess, Orbit becomes a leading provider of mixed-signal gate arrays that can operate on currents at micropower level and at voltages that range from 1 to 18 volts.
Orbit and KMOS share a common commitment to customer service," said Richard Kash, president and founder of KMOS.
As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Orbit, KMOS continues operations in Sunnyvale under its own name.