KMSFKenya Motor Sports Foundation
KMSFKentucky Medical Services Foundation, Inc.
KMSFKernel-Managed Swap Facility (computing)
KMSFKatherine Maxwell Santa Fe
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The KMSF secretariat said it plans to run this current years Safari a lot more professionally and in closed private ranch roads as scheduled part of their longterm safety plan laid to deviate from hustle and bustle of public road racing .
Over and above safety of crews and spectators, KMSF is on the view of bringing in a state of the art TAG Huer timing framework thats used in World Rally Championship.
Approximately three years after initial implementation, KMSF staff grew concerned by a lack of technological and functional enhancement to its chosen system after the vendor was acquired by a third party.
While we had become accustomed to the fact that formal releases were sporadic, once we were informed that the product would not be made compatible with the latest Windows Mobile operating system, precluding our doctors from adopting smart phone devices, it was clear that we needed to investigate other solutions for charge capture," says Darrell Griffith, executive director of KMSF.
Functions such as wireless synchronization, messaging and real-time coding edits were far superior to our previous system," says Peggy Halcomb, associate director of KMSF.
KMSF opted for a phased rollout of the new technology, starting with the conversion of all 200 existing charge-capture users.
While KMSF was successful in converting users to the new platform in only a matter of months, there were surprises along the way.
Though KMSF has three more rollout stages to complete, comprised of several hundred additional users, the 260 clinicians that are currently live on the product are using a number of features, including enhanced communication with other caregivers and coding staff, access to comprehensive referring provider data and automatic prompting of physician quality reporting initiative (PQRI) data completion.
KMSF also has experienced a charge lag reduction that ranges anywhere from four to 30 days, improving cash flow acceleration.
Payor contracts drive reimbursement for medical services, making it essential for medical groups like KMSF to fully understand its contract terms and how they affect payment," said Tom Stampiglia, CEO of MPV.
MDeverywhere continues to grow in key markets and our success is fueled by positive decisions from high-profile clients like KMSF, who choose to expand usage toward enterprise deployment," stated David Morris, national vice president of sales at MDeverywhere.
KMSF serves as the centralized practice plan organization for the more than 480 faculty physicians at the University of Kentucky Medical Center.