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KMSIKnowledge Management Solutions, Inc.
KMSIKeluarga Mahasiswa Sistem Informasi
KMSIKnowledge Management Society of India
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Our unlimited user pricing model enables the client institution to significantly expand their student population with no increase in expense," said Craig Zeiml, Senior Sales Executive, KMSI.
Our latest release of KMx clearly demonstrates our commitment to providing the industry's most scalable, and feature-rich learning, performance and talent management technologies," said Mike Binnix, CTO of KMSI.
84 Source: KMSI Table--2 Indonesia's exports of CPO and derivatives by countries of destination, 2002 ('000 tons) Countries of CPO CAO destination derivatives India 1,045 720 Netherlands 709 288 China 30 452 Malaysia 365 40 Singapore 251 120 Others 403 1,908 Total 2,805 3,529 Source: Central Bureau of Statistic (BPS)
KMx mobile courseware can provide a rich media experience with audio, video, animations, exams, surveys, branching and interactivity," said Mike Binnix, CTO of KMSI.
KMSI has also included a full mobile collaboration suite with the KMx 5.
Our clients can now leverage mobile devices to deliver and administer performance appraisals and peer reviews, provide instant access to company experts via chat rooms and threaded discussion forums, and deliver a robust content repository for just-in-time training and to support workers in the field," said Brandi Lee, Vice President of Training and Customer Support for KMSI.
McPherson, Director Implementation Services for KMSI.
RWD and KMSI will utilize both means to provide maximum value to federal clients.
Specifically, the solutions provided by RWD and KMSI will afford agencies with: