KMTCKabul Military Training Center
KMTCKenya Medical Training College
KMTCKorea Marine Transport Co., Ltd.
KMTCKarachi Mass Transit Cell
KMTCKulima Mbobumi Training Centre
KMTCKwon Hye-Kyung Music Therapy Center
KMTCKorea Maritime Transport Corporation
KMTCKM Technical Consulting
KMTCKennemer Motor Tour Club
KMTCKenya Medical Training Center
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Although all the Afghan army recruits are volunteers, the training process at KMTC is not attritional or selective.
Without the continuation of training at the unit level, ANA troops might simply forget the classroom instruction at KMTC.
In light of its close business ties with PAG, Yang Ming Marine hence sells a 10% stake in KMTC to the U.
We determined that the root of the problem was that the French Officer Academy, being run at KMTC, was training the officers to control all the aspects of the company.
Through the establishment of the Center of Excellence in Phlebotomy and Specimen Collection within KMTC, the program will provide both pre-service and in-service training.
He was contended that the government took a move to solve some of the differences between the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service and the KMTC board over admissions.
The brigade used existing products and services available from the KMTC staff to respond to these challenges at three different levels: warrior tasks, small-unit collective training, and brigade staff collective training.
We thank all KMTC student respondents, lecturers and principals who participated in this study; as well as the Director of KMTC, for facilitating the logistics of the study; our professional colleagues J Nga'nga, E Kariuki and V Mutiso for their invaluable assistance during psycho-education; and G Mutevu of Africa Mental Health Foundation for her prompt typographical assistance.
KMTC gave high marks to the new container carrier for its superiority in loading capacity and outstanding fuel efficiency compared to regular 1,000 TEU container ships.
An official of MOEA stated that as COSCO, China Merchants Group, and China Shipping Group totally invested US$100 million to acquire 30% of KMTC, investments from China is expected to exceed the annual goal of US$300 million.
The participants were told that Karachi Transportation Improvement Project Study is being undertaken by KMTC in collaboration with JICA at a cost of Rs 370 million of which JICA is providing Rs 356 million.
Updated as often as it needs to [be] based on the training mission of KMTC.