KMWKrauss-Maffei Wegmann (German Company)
KMWKrav Maga Worldwide (Israeli self defense forum)
KMWKnut-Michael Wolf
KMWKindred Most Wanted (trading card game)
KMWKonsultan Manajemen Wilayah (Indonesian: Management Area Consultant)
KMWKallmann McKinnell and Wood Architects (Boston, MA)
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The Federal Security Council, which monitors the export of military goods from Germany, has already given KMW a temporary licence for the export of a single Leopard tank to Oman for the purpose of testing.
This physiological parameter was also observed in crossbred PD X KMW sheep, in which it was higher than in purebred peers (p < 0.
5 million senior loan on the development is held by Bank Leumi to KMW Group, Department of Finance records show.
Swedish bank group SEB said on Wednesday (27 June) that its private equity business SEB Venture Capital has, together with CapMan and Aloe Private Equity, agreed to acquire a majority stake in KMW Energi AB, the Swedish supplier of bio fuel combustion plants.
It is a yellow and white Suzuki 400, registration X534 KMW, and had been stolen from the Nuneaton area on Thursday, January 31.
Showtime and Paramount TV are teaming with Messina Baker Entertainment and KMW Prods.
Both the KSCNU** and KSCNR** series of switchable combiners utilize novel design features conceived and developed by KMW engineers.
The partnership will give KMW access to Havok's portfolio of award-winning technologies, including Havok Physics, Havok Destruction, Havok Animation, Havok AI, Havok Cloth and Havok Script.
The Canadian government also acquired 100 surplus Leopard 2A4 tanks from the Netherlands and contracted KMW to upgrade 20 of these into Leopard 2A4M--a unique Canadian version --which were also deployed into Afghanistan.
com)-- For the second year in a row, KMW Interiors of Beverly Hills has been awarded “Best Of Houzz” for Customer Satisfaction by Houzz, the leading platform for home remodeling and design.