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KNASaint Kitts and Nevis (ISO Country code)
KNAKentucky Nurses Association
KNAKosten-Nutzen Analyse (German: Cost-Benefit Analysis)
KNAKurdistan National Assembly (democratically elected parliament; Hewler, Kurdistan)
KNAKeynote Address
KNAKenya Wildlife Safari
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Many experts on the Kurdish region attribute the PUK's showing in the 2013 KNA elections to the infirmity of Iraq's President and PUK leader Jalal Talabani and the attendant turmoil in the PUK leadership.
When we analyze the potential for our products across North America the outlook for KNA is extremely strong.
It was only after I had said good-bye to her that I had time to read the Korea/English folder she'd given me that describes the history of the Korea Nurses Association (KNA), the involvement of KNA leaders in the International Council of Nurses, and the advanced nature of education in Korea.
The event that took place in Kuwait was attended by the General Coordinator of the Information Ministry Andreh Kassas, KUNAs deputy general director Nabil al-Yassin, editor in chief Rashid al-Ruweishid and a number of KNA media figures.
Wataniya Airways, Kuwait's newest premium service airline which officially started its flight operations in January, is part of KNA and was listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange on 15 December, 2008.
Tickers featured: CA:ABOA, CSV, HB, KNA, SCI, STEI, STON.
Un modo sencillo de explicar la extraneza que nos producen las afirmaciones cuya estructura es la de la paradoja de Moore consiste en sostener que esa extraneza corresponde a una incorreccion real, producto del incumplimiento de una norma de la asercion, que es el KNA, y de una norma general de la accion: el PAC (del que el KNA es un caso).
It said KNA has authorized and fully paid capital of KWD50 million ($181.
The company will be traded under the ticker "KNA" with the completion of the listing in 2008 on target for KNA as per management's expectations.
One strip is an antisense molecule, which binds tightly to protein-coding KNA to shut down protein production.
The KVA21 series features Kyocera's new varistor material, replacing the dielectric ceramic used in previous KNA series filters.
A forerunner of the explicitly ethno-nationalist and separatist Karen National Union (KNU, founded in 1947), the KNA grew out of a series of district and provincial Baptist conventions.