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KNAUKoninklijke Nederlandse Atletiek Unie (Netherlands)
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CPI Card Group (Nasdaq:PMTS) (TSX:PNT) revealed on Friday that Tom Knaus takes over as vice president (VP) and general manager of Financial Card Operations in Nashville, Tennessee.
Rick Hendrick, owner of Hendrick Motorsports, paired Knaus and Johnson in 2002.
Knaus believes Austria's plan should be discarded because it would antagonize Greece needlessly and unfairly, would destabilize the Western Balkans, and would create a strong demand in illegal crossings.
Knaus WA, Wagner DP, Draper EA, Zimmerman JE, Bergner M, Bastos PG, Sirio CA, Murphy DJ, Lotring T, Damiano A, et al.
Knaus demonstrates that low-level American covert operations in Tibet were motivated by a desire to contain Chinese communism rather than a push for Tibetan independence.
Unfortunately none of these matters seems to have been taken on board by Herwig Knaus and Thomas Leibnitz in the edition under review.
There he is again," Knaus said, referring to the man she had seen run along in past parades.
Stewart focuses exclusively on Afghanistan, warning against the over-whelming pressures of over-extension; Knaus focuses largely on Bosnia, explaining how international institutions misinterpreted an intervention that nevertheless worked.
In the meantime, Gerald Knaus from the European Stability Initiative put forward a new proposal of finding a solution so Macedonia's European integration can get unstuck without closing all open issues.
Stewart and Knaus first raise their conceptual pinatas, the prevailing schools on foreign intervention: the "planning school," which "prescribes a clear strategy, metrics, and structure, backed by overwhelming resources" and "the liberal imperialist school," "which emphasizes the importance of decisive, bold, and charismatic leadership" by foreigners.
The Knaus Sky TI 650 MF was named Motorhome of the Year 2012 as well as taking the Fixed Bed Coachbuilt award at the inaugural Motorhome of the Year awards.