KNCBKoninklijke Nederlandse Cricket Bond (Dutch: Royal Dutch Cricket Association)
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5 million award will be used to help KNCB facilitate increased international fixtures; increase domestic cricket; provide pathway support for talented youth; and provide greater support to players, programmes and events.
KNCB Chief Executive Officer Richard Cox also said today: "KNCB is extremely grateful to the ICC for this award, which will help us achieve our medium and long term objectives and help the Netherlands become even more competitive - from the domestic level with the new Regional domestic playing structure through to the international arena.
The sponsorship agreement with the KNCB will help increase ABN Amro's international visibility and we look forward to supporting the Dutch cricket team's ambitious plans in the lead up to the next ICC World Cup.
The ban applies to first-class cricket worldwide and to Premier League club cricket in England but the KNCB have decided to extend it to their own domestic cricket in line with World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) guidelines.
If His appeal to the KNCB fails Wagg faces the prospect of not playing any competitive cricket at all this summer which may reduce his chances of securing a contract with a county next year.
CONTACT: KNCB Dave Susan Callahan, 425/868-7924 Karin Muskopf, 206/292-2793