KNCCIKenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Nairobi, Kenya)
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Already, the Nairobi chamber has signed an MoU with the Nairobi County Government to develop ways of easing doing business, with specific focus on being the voice of small businesses in Nairobi," said the chairman of the KNCCI Nairobi Chapter, Mr Richard Ngatia.
In this phase, we shall be working with three county chambers, and increase the number in the next phase," said KNCCI county chamber coordinator, Mr Patrick Nyangweso.
Under a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between the Gulf African Bank (GAB) and the Nairobi chapter of the KNCCI, the financial institution will support SMEs owned by women and the youth in Nairobi.
The lender will offer unsecured against Local Purchase Orders (LPOs) for those with prior performance history and up to S million for starters registered under KNCCI.
She said plans were underway to officially launch the Women in Business KNCCI division to strengthen county chapters and help in recruiting businesswomen.
The Women in Business division at the KNCCI intends to build on the existing legacy while empowering women at all levels of government, both national and county, through education and capacity building as we focus on innovative ways to cater for the potential that women have to grow the economy," Ms Muthoni said.
Kiprono Kittony, the chairman of KNCCI said in a statement issued in Nairobi.
Mr Kiprono Kittony, the chairman of KNCCI said, "This online window offers verification for commodities,so that we ensure Kenyan businesses are getting authentic products which conforms to the description on the website.