KNCHRKenya National Commission on Human Rights
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Mbogori said the KNCHR was concerned about "cowardly leaflets" threatening candidates and warning voters "of certain ethnic origins to flee or else" circulating in local campaigns.
In engaging the public with regard to their rights and entitlements under the Constitution of Kenya, 2012, the KNCHR was supported to undertake a number of sensitization activities across the country on critical areas of the Bill of rights and on the two categories of rights Civil and Political, and Economic, Social and Cultural rights.
Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA) training was conducted by the KNCHR for a number of players including prisons officers and police officers in various stations across the country.
The KNCHR Act, 2003, mandated the commission to constitute a quasi-judicial tribunal to hear cases of human rights violations and award damages to the victims.
As such, I wrote to the Advocate for the Claimant on 17th July 2013 (folio 40) and offered to have this matter settled, at Sh5,053,671 being the amount awarded by the KNCHR tribunal without the accrued interest,' Mutinda said.
The State Counsel further wrote, 'On instructions of the Claimant, his advocates, vide letter dated 22nd July 2013, rejected this offer for settlement and stated that the award by the KNCHR was filed and adopted as a judgment of the High Court and that there is no appeal against the judgment.
The KNCHR noted that the use of force by police was rampant in the October repeat presidential election and unlike the August 8 poll period, civilians too armed themselves with daggers and pangas and became active perpetrators of electoral violence,' Mbogori said.
Ninety-two people were killed by police and civilians in the aftermath of the August and October elections, KNCHR has said.