KNCSKempton New Church School (Pennsylvania)
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Therefore, the Kurdish politicians decided to form the KNCS to negotiate their claims instead of working individually within different groups.
According to him, the KNCS is still trying to involve the PYD in the Kurdish coalition that gathers 11 political parties as well as more than 200 independent political figures.
Three of the top demands, as declared by the KNCS, are constitutional recognition to the Kurdish rights; abolishing discrimination policies against the Kurds, such as Arabizaion operations; and a democratic solution for the Kurds to allow some form of self-determination.
The KNCS chairman stated that the Syrian opposition groups have been acting condescendingly toward the Kurdish demands and he warned that adopting this stance does not serve the revolution and it will prolong the regime's stay in power.
A KNCS delegation headed by Hameed Darwish met on 23 January with the Syrian National Council Chairman Burhan Ghaliun in Cairo.