KNDKids Next Door (cartoon)
KNDKaleva Norman Dickson (school district; Missouri)
KNDKindu, Democratic Republic of the Congo (IATA Airport Code)
KNDKhidmat Nasihat DBP (Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka; Malay: Language and Library Board Advisory Services)
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Large-type KND had been collected and made homogeneous by the NIAS since 2010.
Table 2 shows the livability of the KND large type used in this experiment.
Body weight and uniformity of KND large type are shown in Table 3 and 4, respectively.
The uniformity (%) was found unaffected among all the KND crossbreds (p > 0.
The objective of the present study was to compare the carcass yield and physico-chemical quality of meats from KND and commercial imported breeds raised under the identical feeding and rearing conditions.
Growth performance and carcass characteristics of KND and commercial meat-type ducks raised under the identical diet and feeding condition are presented in Table 2 and 3.
In this study, KND took longer than commercial meat-type ducks to achieve a similar body weight at slaughtering.
The cooking loss, WHC, pH, and color of breast meat from KND and commercial meat-type ducks are presented in Table 4.
We believe that expanding our sales network with partners like KND is enhancing our competitiveness and positioning the Company for further growth.
We have been working diligently in 2010 to execute our business plan - to build our infrastructure, expand our product line and establish meaningful, tenured and protected sales and distribution agreements with well established companies such as KND whose innovative sales focus and values fit our exacting criteria," concluded Shenher.
KND facilitates sales of approximately 60,000 metric tonnes commodities per year and specializes in the livestock feed business.