KNDKids Next Door (cartoon)
KNDKaleva Norman Dickson (school district; Missouri)
KNDKindu, Democratic Republic of the Congo (IATA Airport Code)
KNDKhidmat Nasihat DBP (Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka; Malay: Language and Library Board Advisory Services)
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Another possibility for increasing the commercial value of native ducks is genetic exchange between the KND and CD populations.
When we established a parameter of two for the k-value in KND, CD, and Ba populations, KND and CD populations had the same haplotype structure, whereas the Ba population had a different haplotype than the other populations (Figure 3).
In fact, it was confirmed that the closest genetic distances were among the four groups of the Ba populations and three groups of the KND populations.
Ba populations were fully different from populations of KND and CD, but KND and CD populations were not discriminated well using this MS marker combination.
Body weight and uniformity of KND large type are shown in Table 3 and 4, respectively.
The uniformity (%) was found unaffected among all the KND crossbreds (p > 0.
Body weight gain, FI, and FCR, of KND large type are shown in Table 5.
All the crossbred KND did not show any difference in FI during 0 to 2 and 6 to 8 wks (p > 0.
In this study, KND took longer than commercial meat-type ducks to achieve a similar body weight at slaughtering.
The cooking loss, WHC, pH, and color of breast meat from KND and commercial meat-type ducks are presented in Table 4.
2013) also reported that no significant difference was found in cooking loss of breast meats between KND and commercial meat-type ducks.
The breast meat from KND contained more linoleic acid (p < 0.