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KNDOKaren National Defense Organization (Myanmar)
KNDOKebena Nationality Democratic Organization (Ethiopia)
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Cowles' stations now subscribing to the StationView Essentials service include KCBA (Fox 35) and KION (CBS) in Monterey, California; KCOY (CBS) and KKFX (FOX 11) in Santa Barbara, California; KHQ-TV (NBC) in Spokane, Washington and KNDO (NBC) in Yakima, Washington.
We've developed a relationship marked by trust and camaraderie with the WorldNow team over time that has created a great, successful product," said Patricia McRae, President and GM, KNDO KNDU KHQ.
KNDO TV, Yakima, and KNDU TV, Tri-Cities; March 27, 6:30 p.