KNHKenyatta National Hospital
KNHKindernothilfe (German: Children Need Help; est. 1959)
KNHKirklees Neighbourhood Housing (UK)
KNHDepartment of Kinesiology and Health (Miami University; Oxford, OH)
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His friend, who did not want to be named, said she had contacted KNH "numerous" times on behalf of Mr Peters.
The chain's Business Development Manager Neel Shah said, "When we heard of the plight of the children at KNH we decided to extend the campaign which was meant to close on October 31, 2015 and dedicate the two extra weeks to raising money for the children.
Except two new sites' commercial operating in 2011 are completed, KNH has been looking for any opportunities to extend and enhance localized services in different regions.
Habiterra and KNH work closely with Haitian institutions to ensure the sustainability of the educational opportunities provided by their sponsorship.
It will be the first public paediatric hospital for KNH.
In a letter to the couple KNH said: "Maintaining your gardens helps not only to improve the appearance of your home but also of the estate in general.
KNH has 150 children with cancer, however the special cancer ward can only take 28.
Helen O'Sullivan, who is managing the project for KNH, said: "We are committed to ensuring that our tenants and residents have access to digital facilities.
Sales in 2006 remained steady for Taiwanese roll goods producer KNH Enterprises.
KNH manages the council's housing stock and has been working closely with gas distributor Northern Gas Networks since 2014 when it made the decision to install gas - a more efficient and inexpensive form of heating compared to electricity and oil - to as many off-gas council homes as possible.
With production sites in China and Taiwan, KNH, the nonwovens specialty manufacturer has constantly expanded its technology platform to range from personal care hygiene to skin care and later into industrial and commercial filtration specialty arena.
KNH says the money owed by those affected is PS235,949 - and PS82,000 can be put down to the change to benefits.