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KNIKansas Neurological Institute (Topeka, Kansas)
KNIKatmai New Instructions (Intel)
KNIKajaani (Finland)
KNIKlaus Novy Institut
KNIKen and the New Incredibles (band)
KNIKolo Naukowe Informatyków (Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego; Poland)
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KNI Incorporated P: (412) 479-3661 F: (412) 479-8091
For information, please contact Doug Carter at KNI, 303-763-3485, fax: 303-763-3515.
KNI Vice President Toshi Mitsudome said, "With big-league baseball taking on an international flavor, we think KBB will give scouts and managers in North America the kind of information they need to spot major league talent in Japan.
A new, private Greenlandic airline is reportedly being planned by the grocery chain KNI and other Greenlandic businesses.
KNI planning to invest US$350 million with a production capacity of 300,000 tons a year, and a joint venture between state company PT Dahana and PT Suma Energi planning to invest US$350 million.
KNI lott stat H late a veA Brit that han bare As a monument to the golden age of British cycling, it is a startling reminder that, 20 years ago, Hoy's career was a hand-to-mouth existence where he could barely afford to compete.
It is trying to close the Kansas Neurological Institute, saying KNI clients, some of the most vulnerable people in Kansas, will be placed into community-based services that either don't exist or don't have the capacity to provide appropriate care.
Laverne Ward founder of KNI stated, “we believe that everyone in this world has a purpose.