KNICKorea Network Information Center
KNICKorean National Insurance Corporation (North Korea)
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Mayor Bloomberg announced the selection of the KN1C plan at a press conference inside the vacant Armory in April after KNIC Partners entered into an agreement with nearly 30 community organizations that includes one of the most robust packages of benefits ever offered by a private developer.
7 billion represents the total economic value of benefits KNIC will generate for the community during the term of its 99-year lease, and includes:
More than $224 million in foregone rental income from the 52,000 square-foot community space KNIC will provide rent-free, as well as an $8 million contribution toward capital improvements
As well, the KNIC coincided with the 125th anniversary of the Berlin Conference, which partitioned Africa among the European imperial powers.
At least two rinks at KNIC will be sled hockey-compatible for people with disabilities.
The KNIC is also being held at a time when Africa's continental body, the African Union (AU), has accepted and is working on Nkrumah's blueprint for a continental union government.
The arrangement involves a long-term agreement enabling the Birlas to supply VSF to KNIC for 10 years.
Japanese association ANNA, Korean association KNIC and Taiwanese association TNFIA established an allied organization called ANIC as of November 1.
KNICS (Korea Nuclear Instrumentation and Control System Research and Development Center).