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KNITKamla Nehru Institute of Technology
KNITKnowledge Network Institute of Thailand (Bangkok, Thailand)
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Beth said nothing, but wiped away her tears with the blue army sock and began to knit with all her might, losing no time in doing the duty that lay nearest her, while she resolved in her quiet little soul to be all that Father hoped to find her when the year brought round the happy coming home.
His brows knit together into a wedgelike furrow, and with a twitch of pain he bit his underlip.
The labors of these hardy pioneers of science are now about to be knit together by the daring project of Dr.
It's so very pleasant," said Lady Otway, "to knit while one's talking.
They will walk about Westminster Abbey and knit, I feel sure.
I did my thousand words a day, travelling or stopping over, suffered my last faint fever shock, saw my silvery skin vanish and my sun-torn tissues healthily knit again, and drank as a broad-shouldered chesty man may drink.
She can knit the double diamond pattern and Em puts on such airs about it, but I think the single diamond is in better taste.
The stricken man lay for some time with his eyes fixed on the letter, as if he were trying to knit up his thoughts by its help.
it was very early for her to know one of those supreme moments in life when all we have hoped or delighted in, all we can dread or endure, falls away from our regard as insignificant; is lost, like a trivial memory, in that simple, primitive love which knits us to the beings who have been nearest to us, in their times of helplessness or of anguish.
Nature, that great tragic dramatist, knits us together by bone and muscle, and divides us by the subtler web of our brains; blends yearning and repulsion; and ties us by our heart-strings to the beings that jar us at every movement.
Then, when she's all matched, she knits for me, and that's how she made my mittens.
I knit a bit every day, I get up early and do some then and after I have my cup of coffee, I knit a little again.