KNLKokoomuksen Nuorten Liitto (Finnish political youth organization)
KNLKauai Nursery & Landscaping, Inc. (est. 1975; Hawaii)
KNLKennedy and Lawrence (intersection; Scarborough, Canada)
KNLKoninklijk Nederlands Leger (Dutch: Royal Netherlands Army)
KNLKorean Nationality Law (est. 1997)
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I think KNL has giant potential, and what I like most about their solution is that they have their own hardware from point to point, as well as their own cyber security, so nothing needs to be done over the internet, says Jorgen Strandberg, member of the jury and General Manager Advanced Technology in Wartsila Marine Solutions.
Through the years, the UP administration and the UP community have manifested their willingness to recognize the rights of the people of Barangay KNL, and to transfer to qualified residents of KNL the ownership over the properties upon which they have built their homes and raised their families for generations,' he said.
A number of UP administrations have shown resolve to transfer ownership of Krus na Ligas to its legitimate residents, including an attempt to donate the KNL to its legitimate residents or to the local government of Quezon City.
He noted that from 1975 to 1981, the UP administration took the initiative to resolve 26 cases involving UP and KNL residents.
Corpuz saw the need to address the issue concerning the ownership of land due to the growing number of residents of KNL and the UP community.
Belmonte said that through the years, the UP administration and community have shown willingness to recognize the rights of people of Barangay KNL and to transfer ownership of the properties to them upon which they built their houses and raised their families for generations.
The precepts of social justice that are enshrined in the 1987 Constitution compel us to give the highest and utmost priority to enact this law in order to fully and finally protect and recognize the rights of people of Barangay KNL to the land over which they have long resided," he said.
However, there was no difference in protein content between KNL and KNS for both meat portions (p>0.
In terms of the pH of breast meat, KNL showed lower values than all other types of chicken investigated in the present study (p<0.
05) among the types of chicken used, except KNL and BS for breast meat and BL and BS for thigh meat (Table 2).
Thus, the brighter color of KNL breast meat can be attributed to a relatively low pH value.
In addition, KNL possessed the thigh meat with the highest a* value among all types of chicken.