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KNPKanpur (India)
KNPKorean National Police
KNPKhmer Nation Party (Cambodia)
KNPKakadu National Park (Australia)
KNPKlik and Play (software application)
KNPKey Noise Parameter
KNPKing's Knight Pawn (chess)
KNPKewaunee Nuclear Power
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Alternatively, the KNP outbreak strain could have persisted in the area from which it entered the wildlife population of the GKNPC (6) and subsequently could have spread outside the KNP and reached the study area, a distance of "180 km.
In this study, we genotyped 93 animals, representing four Western pig breeds and a KNP population, using the high-density Porcine 60K SNP BeadChip to explore the genetic diversity within and between breeds and to estimate the level of admixture between Western and Korean native pig breeds.
Ivor Ichikowitz, Paramount's executive chairman, was there at KNP on Tuesday to kick off the rhino rescue program.
While there are no government regulations covering the use of lead in paint, KNP, Asian Paint, and other companies have voluntarily eliminated lead as an additive in order to improve the safety of their paints.
CONTACT: Amy Calhoun, +1-202-223-4933, or Rebecca Filbey, +1-800-426-1887, both for KNP, or Vera Razon of Puwersa ng Masang Pilipino (PMP), +63-919-819-5714, or verarazon@sbcglobal.
As part of the sale, the packaging and paper group NV Koninklijke KNP BT received a 20% stake of Sappi.
William Tacon and Trevor Frid, from the Birmingham office of Ernst & Young, have been appointed to run KNP Group, which is one of the West Midlands oldest printing companies.
The opposition leader was referring to a move by the Interior Ministry just five months before the 1998 election to register a renegade group of former KNP members as an official party with the same name and logo as Rainsy's party.
The moisture content of KNP ham was lower than that of the other ham breeds (p<0.
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He becomes a martyr in the freedom struggle since he was fighting against forceful occupation of our homeland," said Shabbir Chaudhary, a KNP leader at the protest.