KNSCKachemak Nordic Ski Club (Homer, AK)
KNSCKenya National Sports Council
KNSCKawartha Nordic Ski Club (Canada)
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The government had expected no specific problems given the involvement of the KNSC and the NVSM in cooperation with the Ministry of War and the Unemployment Insurance and Labour Exchange Office.
The KNSC was hopeful that former employers would implement the provision of wachtgeld for their returning workers, while it would supplement the unemployment benefits for those who were entitled to an allowance through membership of a trade union.
54) As previously stated, the KNSC opposed any welfare which was not strictly based on need.
The KNSC was designed to be an expression of the communal spirit of the Dutch population in times of war, but towards the end of the war it had virtually become a government-funded organisation.
Despite ongoing concerns of the KNSC that its aid was only justified because of the crisis conditions, it was unable to discontinue relief efforts when it believed that the situation improved on several occasions.
It is of interest to note that, although the KNSC remained true to its temporary nature, it was no longer averse to state intervention to enhance the well being of Dutch citizens.
In addition to criticisms about its functioning, the KNSC ascertained much overlap and fragmentation in the growing field of social welfare provision.
Concurrent with the folding of the KNSC, the government took on some of its responsibilities, acknowledging that the work of the KNSC had been viable and useful.
The KNSC had been correct in its assessment that unemployment and poverty had increased during the war.
This article has argued that the KNSC was a typical product of contemporary social liberal and progressive Catholic thinking.